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October 06, 2007

the or death

Here's the scenario: you are sitting alone with your husband on a set of football bleachers for no particular reason. An empty football field is before you, and the night is serene and chilly. Your arms are wrapped around him; your head is rested peacefully on his broad shoulder. You close your eyes and you are simply enjoying each others' presence. The silence between you is perfect.
Not more than a minute later, a random young man runs up the bleachers holding a small black 22 caliber handgun about four inches from your husband's face, threatening to take his life.
What would you do?
I know what I would do. It happened in a dream I had last night. It was one of those nightmares that seemed real, that I was drenching in sweat and praising God when I awoke.
He's not my husband, yet. I am waiting for the day. I'm relieved to know what I would do in the event of deciding life and death; I think I made a good choice. I held Kristopher tighter as the random young man stood over me, cussing and yelling. The gun still pointed directly at my husband. The man shot once-he deliberately missed my husband's head for a scare. My heart literally skipped a beat and through my pleading and tears I looked up to see Kristopher's eyes still full of life. He was calm, holding me tightly to his side. He was looking straight at the man, trying to reason with him. I knew the moment was coming-this man was going to take my first love's life with a bullet. So, I kissed Kristopher one last time and rested our temples side by side. I told the man to shoot. Then I woke up.

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