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November 08, 2009

a sense of entitlement

Time Without End
Time Without End by Katjuncica on

"You are not a victim of circumstance but a prisoner of your own decisions." -a postsecret from this week

With the exception of someone I know, who has been working hard, long hours for several years at a factory to provide for his family. And what does it get? Taxed. So he can now provide for the half of American people who decide they want to be taken care of without having to work for it like him. Does
he get to decide where his money goes? No. Does he get to take home the paycheck he worked so hard for? No. He gets a "gross" income of about $134,000 but he sees about $60,000 of it. That is wrong.

I wish people (Americans) would get this. And maybe another thing we should get is

"You are not entitled to anything. You work damn hard for it." People think they are so entitled to things! That we
deserve a pay raise and free health care, that five dollar coffee and that blackberry. Or any cell phone for goodness sake.

We are not a "free country" without an untimely, remarkable cost. Millions and millions of people have given their lives for us to have the autonomous "freedom" that we feel so entitled to. I am seriously getting sick of America. Right now, I am blogging because I have freedom to speak my mind and that is amazing. I am so thankful for this freedom. But there is nothing I have done to deserve this except by being born in America. I am not 'entitled' to the American Dream. You have the incredible freedom to work hard and earn health care. But don't work too hard, because God forbid if you finally make enough money to get on your feet, you will find yourself paying for Americans who aren't yet.

I am tired of working so hard and trying to actually be responsible and bending over backwards and reading ignorant bloggers and news articles and listening to people who have no idea. I just need to go to bed.

(we are now possibly "entitled" to free or reduced health care, but at what cost?)

Someone has to pay for it, even if it's not you.

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