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November 06, 2009

...sending you forget-me-nots...

...sending you forget-me-nots..., originally uploaded by *Athar*.

Shakespearean Sonnet, Sasha Hettich

To forget the way of your love within
Would be the most egregious endeavor
Like forgetting a bug bite on the skin
Or the chime of Cornerstone’s bell tower
Should I soon, now, put you out of my mind?
My darkest night would become darker still.
And when sun rose through thunder-clouds, I would find
A giant weeping of lava spill.
Cataclysm, convulsion, crash, collapse,
The sun has power to heal, but destroys
And as its seeping wound pours out in ash,
Just so, your love appeals and decoys.
I will not forget, within, your love’s way,
And then keep your human presence at bay.

I have been extremely busy lately...neglecting everything truly important to me for things that will later be insignificant and forgotten. I thought I would share this sonnet I wrote for class...I didn't do it completely correctly as it isn't true pentameter, but it is what I have right now.

Have a good weekend :)

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