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May 12, 2009

hearty prayers and making plans.

Every human who ever lived is different from any other. Have you ever thought about that? Trusting my knowledge and reasoning abilities, this means that no two people have ever been the exact same. Though people have similar personalities, they may not have the same family structure or live in the same city during the same period of time in the same cultural period. Even identical twins are distinct in many ways.

I wonder if God has ever been saddened by the death of one human over another. What I mean is, I wonder if a person has so overwhelmingly entertained or blessed God by being alive that He actually regretted his or her life's end. Talk about a thumbs up from God.

One person who comes to my mind right away is Mother Teresa. She seems to have done so much good for the world that I wonder how the benefits to her being alive didn't override the disadvantages.

Think about it this way: Is your life an advantage to God? Let alone the fact that God created you for a reason, do you purposely give God a reason to keep you here?

Instead of relying on the fact that God "has a plan"; instead of praying for God's "will" for your life, why not make a plan?

God made us with the creative ability to make decisions. Let's start making them.

1 comment:

k cody said...

I genuinely wonder if God has ever NOT grieved over a life lost.