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July 18, 2008

it's not the end, never the end...

I can't be anything for you than what I am

I tried singing a serenade

I sang it at the top of my lungs for you.

Tonight I fell

and I haven't yet landed

I am still falling, wishing your return

Catch me if you can

In the morning, will you be there?

When I call, will you arise?

I am in a sleepless slumber

and realize there is nothing left to lose

Don't make me regret this

Those whispers in my ear I can't be rid of

You come on so strong

then fall apart like a castle in the sand.

I won't be anything for you than what I am

We could be so much, yet we strive for so little

This can last forever

We could last forever...

-Sasha Naomi
[reveals nothing about my marriage...Kristopher Cody and I are doing awesome,
and he is an amazing husband]

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