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May 25, 2008


1. A word describing a brief flatulatory experience. (Farting)
"Excuse me, I just pooted."

2. A fancy Person's Fart
(british accent) "Well, I believe i just gave a poot."

3. A word used by Bible-toters to replace the objectionable word of fart. Farts usually follow a day of drinking draft beer and eating soft-boiled eggs, whereas a poot is usually let loose on a church pew after a healthy breakfast of grapefruit and bran muffins. Both can have nosehair curling stench and loud re-verberating echoes, however the poot is usually excused as "God's Little Airhorn
Gospel singer: "Gosh, I just let a little poot. I'm so embarrased." **blush**

-from the Urban Dictionary (

OR, according to someone I know,

4. Sasha Lewis.

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