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July 18, 2008

the past and the answers thereafter

Prologue: [the past]

My face is clean,

my complexion revoked

All I know is you

and you're all I see

my thoughts are cleared

I lost myself when I lost you.

You were there

You hung me up

The sunshine seeped

I dried in the wind.

Here I am now

hung on rainy days

when all I feel is stormy nights

they creep on me

they drown me out

All I see is you

and all that I know

you reeled me in

and you let me go

You keep me raging.

You keep me peering out.

Looking for a cause,

Looking for an answer.

I'm looking for a way to bring you back.

Epilogue: [he came back]

-Sasha Naomi

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