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February 25, 2008

the letter without a postmark

December 31, 2005

Don't you say

you won't be here tonight

don't leave me hangin'

here out of spite

Nothing you do

nothing you say

can ever take

what you did away

But come on around

i need to talk with you

let's walk downtown

like we used to

and forget the pain,

ignore the fears

that drown our dreams

with our own tears.

Don't shun me now

with a sojourn heart

leave me in solace

when you could rip me apart.

You've soddened my soul

and softened my lips

with ambiguity I fell

and I have to come to grips

Oh baby, please come.

to ditch me here

would crush my heart

and make me fear.

What could have been

can never be.

will it not happen?

will it, really?

One single night

is all I need.

so fill my request

or ignore my plead.

Isn't that what you wanted?

all this time

you thought I was yours

I thought you were mine.

Yet what once was

can never be,

you used to love,

but now you flee.

Tell me-

look deep into my eyes-

and tell me who you loved

you now despise.

Tell me-

rage has met your veins,

and nothing will ever be the same.

When I hear your name,

I want to choke

yet in the past

when it was spoke...

I came alive.

The future awoke.

The brightest days

I ever met

were to be with you,

if you let

Every dream of mine come true

then I'd give it all back to you.

Love forsaken,

as far as the sky.

The truth, I thought,

became a lie.

Nothing made sense,

I shake my head

to hear you say

the chance is dead.

What happened to us?

Won't you ever see?

Though you turn me away,

I yearn for you,

and you long for me.

-Sasha Naomi

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