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December 30, 2010

Yeah. I have no excuses for not updating. I mean, I could come up with plenty of excuses. Like the fact that: 

-December happened. Enough said.

-During finals weekend/week, I wrote nearly 5,000 words in papers. Maybe more. I had two essay exams, three papers, two reviews, and a couple poems.

-I had to make time for friends, too! Duh.

-In the midst of this, I still did my 8 hours a week internship. 

-Indiana for Christmas! :)

-I've been sick for nearly a week.

That still doesn't make me feel better, but hey. Here's an update on my life:

-I have two jobs. I'm so excited. Next semester, I will be a TA (teacher assistant) for one of my favorite professors (which, by the way, makes me feel old that I can help teach a college class..whoa.) My other job is also an INTERNSHIP. It's at RBC Ministries. I'm not quite sure exactly what I will be doing there, but I know it will be grand. I've already been to the offices twice to take care of tax forms and such, and the people there are so incredibly nice. And of course it is nearly impossible to find an internship that is paid!

So basically, all is well. Cody and I are alive, happy, and still Michiganders. For now. Who knows. Maybe 2011 we will change things up a bit. ;)

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