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November 11, 2010


Why do I somehow always turn this blog into a rant, or a kill-joy? Why is it always a place where I vent, or grieve? 

It's time for a change. It's time for an update on life. Some fun times for this blog are to come. :)

First up: Artprize adventures. I know, it's late. Artprize ended October 10. But better late than never, right?

The "rug dress" piece, called "Rag Rug", was neat. Not only was it creative and seemed to take hard work, but there is a meaning and purpose behind this piece. The artist (Betsy Timmer) was trying to represent the tension that comes with being a woman-being "trampled underfoot" at times, but also carrying a sense of beauty, power, and joy. We have burdens of being homemakers, but we also have times (like motherhood, friendships, etc.) that give us purpose and hope.

It's a rug...I mean, a dress...I mean... 

I <3 my auntie :)

This piece won first prize! It's a huge pencil piece. Incredible.
I look like a chipmunk. :D

My sister would appreciate this-a cow made out of little cows!

What studly men.

This was awesome! It is a photograph with a light that brightened it up in just the right way to make it come alive.

This exhibit is personal to me. My internship this semester is at a domestic violence shelter, and these quilts were made to support the shelter. Since domestic violence focuses mainly on empowering and supporting women who are abused, it is often difficult to know how to get men involved in the journey to end domestic violence. For this project, several men from all over the community sent ties to the artist, and she then incorporated every donated tie into the five quilts. The artist is now selling the quilts to donate the proceeds to the shelter! So, all around, great exhibit.

These fish were awesome! I loved them. There was an entire room of walls full of them-all created from mixed media, a variety of materials.

This is the piece I voted for. If you notice, it's made from SAND.

So cute <3

Can you guess what this is supposed to be? ;)

I had SOOOooo much fun with my Aunt and Uncle at Artprize. I am so glad they were able to come up to see all the amazing art with us. This should definitely be a yearly adventure if Cody and I end up staying in Grand Rapids!

Visit to check out more of the awesome art that was displayed all throughout Grand Rapids!

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Dana said...

We had a great time....Love you both!!