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January 15, 2009

Cornerstone University.

I am thankful for Cornerstone University because:

  1. Not every answer has to be God, Jesus, or the Bible.
  2. Students can come into contact with people of the opposite gender; we have the God-given ability to choose not to sin, rather than being forced not to sin.
  3. I am taking a Shakespeare class. And we haven't once opened up the Bible. God can be glorified through study without relating everything directly to Him.
  4. I can blast Coldplay on campus.
  5. Heck, I think Coldplay's music has played over the speakers before Chapel. Wouldn't surprise me.
  6. We have Scott Carroll.
  7. Professor Stevens says "Smokin' cats!" instead of cussing and talks about his trailer park days in class.
  8. Professors and students are okay with religious diversity and tension.
  9. We have intellectual discussion, sometimes without a definitive conclusion. And it's okay. I am not paying $9,000 a semester to hear a sermon.
  10. My professors teach me how to think, not what to think.

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