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February 28, 2008


Right now I am very annoyed at the Christian community, namely, the more conservative woman-type. Sometimes men. They just don't get it, and when I speak my opinion, their eyes open wide with amazement. I can see the shun in their eyes and voices. Here is why I am annoyed:

In a span of 10 hours, I heard three references to the assumption "Sex is bad." I heard this in my dorm! On a Christian campus! I know absolutely no one reads this blog, but for the sake of writing it down, I will. SEX IS NOT BAD. SEX IS AWESOME. SEX IS EXTREMELY FULFILLING, FUN, AND A SWEET GIFT OF GOD.

Just to speak of how ridiculous these references were, I want to write them.
  1. Last night, a girl in my section, Michelle, was talking about how 'bad' she was, and how I am so much more innocent than she is. ( if she has any idea). Chuntal, my roommate, said "Well, I would like to keep my innocence until my wedding night, Michelle!" Excuse me? Until your wedding night? I let so much slip by, but I had to intervene here. I corrected, "Chuntal, if you keep yourself pure until your wedding night, you will still be innocent on your wedding night..."

"Oh, right," she said. People just don't get it. Sex=wrong, bad, Satanic. It is sad.

  1. Last night, there was a Candlelight. So, of course, the typical guy's candlelight consisted of the 'sex' chanting outside of Pickitt doors. My hall's DC and I were talking, and she said "I am so thankful that your fiance and mine did not do the guy's part of the candlelight. It is just so wrong...they take the focus out of it."

Sex is one of the wonders and pleasures of being married. The guys at Candlelight are being goofy, yes, but they are celebrating, if anything. If Christians haven't quite "figured it out" yet, the God we worship is also the God who created man and woman for each other, and yes, He created SEX. Oh no....I said 'the word'! But we don't thank God for sex, of course. We thank God for the trees and flowers. I think when I am married, sex will be more beautiful than trees or flowers.

I don't feel like retelling the last account of "sex is bad" because I have over 100 pages to read for a class in 2 hours. I am done.

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