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November 16, 2007

be kinder

(yes, I took this picture. Not very good, but eh.)
I just told Kristopher that my calling in life is failure. That I am so stinkin' good at it. That there is no way to win. I told him to take it or leave it. He told me that my calling is encouraging. He let me know enthusiasically that he is all in-that he will take me as I am.

I gave a survey to everyone in my dorm. It was the first survey I ever made, and it is for a
speech that I am writing. One of the questions is:
What is the #1 reason that undergraduates get married during college?" Some people responded with "they just want to have sex". Sure, for the shallow individuals who don't comprehend what real sex is, yes. They might possibly get married to be morally allowed to enjoy that physical pleasure. But not everyone is as cursory as that.

I figure that if I live to be age 75, and as I type now I am age 19, I have merely 2o,454 days left to live. And I have already lived 7,042 days growing up without my Kristopher. Every day I spend without him is another day I waste away.

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