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October 05, 2010

One of those days

It's just been one of those days. Couple days, actually.

Sunday, I missed a gathering I really wanted to go to because finishing a paper was more pressing and necessary. Four dreary hours later, I finally finished my not-so-fantastic paper.

In chapel (UGH UGH UGH) the next day, I realize that my paper due in an hour, that I skipped study for, is saved on my laptop...which I left at home on purpose to save my back from hawling it around all day. And the only way to get home is on the bus, because I don't have the car with me.

I spend the afternoon chasing my laptop down to turn in the not-so-fantastic, miss-gathering-for paper...late.

Then, I go to Bible Study that night, which I have just become overwhelmed and utterly disillusioned with.

And did I mention I bought a game off Ebay, just so happens it is a fradulent copy, and the seller refuses to give me even a partial refund?

So I go to sleep almost in tears.

 Over the night, I have a grotesque nightmare about a weird pregnancy in which I gave birth to the baby and he barely survived. I wake up at 8 am to the question, "Can we carpool and leave as soon as possible?" I don't have class until 9. Bless your heart, Cody. You are good to me and don't deserve to be in this blog rant :).

So I drag myself out of bed, and drive Cody to work. I have 45 minutes until my first class, and no breakfast in my stomach, so I drive to Bagel Beanery. It takes them a while to make my food, and when I finally do get to my car, I try and fail (and try and fail) to turn left onto College Street. Let's just say it happened that I did not make it to class on time because the corner of College and Michigan was so insane this morning. Seriously, where do all these people have to go that I can't turn out of a single parking lot in twenty minutes time?

I get to school and drink my once-hot bagel beanery coffee. Whew. Class should be simple, right? Right. Except I'm already exhausted from the day and it's 9:17am.

I was also late for a very important banquet for my internship, after leaving 20 minutes early from class to make it on time. Thankfully, my table seat was in the back row. Meijer Gardens is impossible during ArtPrize. SHESH. And so is finding any event location in the midst of it.

So I sit. And I listen. I clap. And I eat a delicious free lunch (THANK YOU!). I chat. I clap.

I drive to Safe Haven and realize that I should have talked to my supervisor before l took off, because I have no idea what to do. So I drive back to Meijer Gardens, where we laugh at my ambition and she says I am free to go for the day.


So now I am drinking awful coffee and listening to extremely annoying music and wishing this day was over already so I can sleep and start over.

Mostly sleep.

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