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July 13, 2010

This American Life: the flexibility of our memory

I find this video (animation: thumbs up, by the way!) to be an intriguing portrayal of how fluid and unreliable our memories are. The first time I saw this video, I admit, caused me to shift in my seat. It is unsettling to think that the memories so vivid in my mind-from the experience of pulling my first tooth to the day I "got saved"-could have added details that never really happened. It goes to show that what you understand as truth from what you read, hear, see, and encounter should be checked and balanced with what you know to be true. Don't believe everything you hear (any 21st century human who dabbles in internet culture should know this) and be careful what you are taking in, in general. Here I am not speaking Christian-ly, advising you should not take in "secular" media, but simply speaking of fact versus fiction, the reliable against the unreliable, and truth against exaggerations. They are all out there. Exaggerations haunt the truth and seek to fill in the cracks. Your memory is out to take you on a trip you've never been on.


As a side note, the official date of my salvation, if that is really relevant, was July 13, 1995...happy 15th b-day to me ;)

1 comment:

Bridget said...

Oh my does this all the time and guess what. He usually gets it wrong. It drives me crazy. He sometimes thinks he was there or think that he saw it. Or he tells me not remembering I am the one that told him in the first place. VERY FUNNY