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December 09, 2009

life as it goes on.

set fire to the third bar, originally uploaded by oolem.

I love entering new phases in my life. What I love most about this is the feeling of transition-the realization that I am shifting in some way and that one chapter is coming to a close, a new page turned. A new chapter is beginning, and maybe it is because I have taken up pleasure reading again, pleasure only meaning that I choose. I don't like this phrasing though, because pleasure-reading doesn't necessarily mean it is pleasurable. There are many reasons why a book would not be pleasurable to read. The Twilight Series speaks for itself. Anna Karenina is a page-turner, but it is about humanity, the flaws thereof, and the heartaches. I just started reading Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks to prepare for the movie that comes out in Feb., but I know it will also be full of human heartache and falling flat on one's face. Fiction stories that relay blatant truth courageously (and preferably one that takes more than three months to write...cough..) are those that speak truth possibly more than a non-fiction piece. It makes me tremble. Or maybe that's just the caffeine combined with the lack of sleep.