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July 19, 2009

10 bits of randomness. by, me.

Things I am into right now (that I am usually not):
-limited alone time
-country music

I am in a very spontaneous, capricious mood right now.

I miss my family. Cody along with the whole Hamilton clan.

My 21st birthday is in 17 days! I wonder if anything will change. :p Maybe a few wrinkles and a little bit of wine.

I was 3 days off from being born on 08-08-88.

I am getting over my second bladder infection ever. My first was last month.

Life is better with Oreos.

I love The Breakfast Club!

My brother told me I am very pretty tonight. :)

Breakfast with the best friend tomorrow...can't wait :p



k cody said...

I'm not sure I can allow this to suffice as a blog entry, since you definitely posted it on Facebook first.

sasha naomi said...

Actually, quite the opposite. I made a blog post and it automatically imports as a facebook note. A very trippy note at that without punctuation and correct spacing. You didn't really think I wrote that facebook note that way, did you?!