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June 13, 2009

dream journal.

Have you ever had an dream full of epiphanies or one that would be an amazing plot idea for a story? Or maybe you've had an interesting dream you want to remember. One that included the meeting of a lost loved one, an angel, purple elephants, or Abraham Lincoln.

Record your dreams. It's fun and simple. Keeping a dream journal is as easy as having a dream, waking up, and writing it down before you forget what happened. I like to keep my dream journal on my nightstand so I can write the dreams down as soon as I wake up; the longer I put it off, the less details I remember!

In this Interweb blogged-up culture, there are even online sites dedicated to the recording and interpretations of dreams. You can keep a dream journal online here or here.

If you've always wanted to keep a journal, but don't know what to write or where to start, I suggest buying a notebook and starting a dream journal. See what happens. You might find that you have more to say than just writing down your dreams! Write down what you think they mean. Anything, as long as you are writing and keeping your mind going.

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