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March 16, 2009

Reasons the fight for prayer in school is unnecessary.

I got invite into a facebook cause to "put prayer back in school."

Why do Christian's fight sooo hard to put prayer back in school?

Isn't it a lost and pointless cause?

  • We can pray anywhere. Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5 to "pray continually," and we obviously live day by day knowing how simple it is to pray wherever life takes you, whether it be the car on the way to work, in the shower, over a meal, or (yes!) at school. The government didn't ban anyone from closing one's eyes and talking to God.
  • In this generation, in this day, what would it be like to force prayer in a public arena meant for education? Educate; don't spend countless minutes every day making people pray to a God they don't know, or don't believe.
  • The first amendment supports freedom to religion. And FROM religion. People don't have to pray. If we are going to use the constitution to support our rights, let's support other's rights, too. We are not the most important people on the face of the earth. And yes, we are not the only religion, either. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  • What are we Christians saying to Non-Christians when we stand around a flagpole once a year to pray together? That it takes more than bowing our heads to pray? That we somehow have a way to speak to God that they don't have? It's all for show, in my personal opinion. We like to put on a show to act like we care about non-Christians. But outside of school, how often do we all pray?
  • Why do we fight so hard against teaching the belief of evolution, then we turn around and fight for public schools to be forced into prayer? Prayer to a God they don't know, and by being forced into Christian prayer, don't care to know?
  • In high school, I was in a club called the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We were allowed to gather together during school, and even had a prayer meeting every Friday morning! So wait, what are we fighting for, again?
  • My husband, Cody, decided to put in his two cents on the matter:

"I think Christians sometimes forget the true essence of the mission Christ set: to transform the world. We're not supposed to transform the government or the institution, but the individual. Banning abortion, for example, does very little to deal with the root of the problem - the deception, the perversion, of the fallen nature. Transforming the individual to desire a likeness to Christ, however, does deal with the root of the problem."

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