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November 05, 2008

if you voted for obama.

If you voted for Obama, you supported:

  • cutting the military budget, but somehow still keeping it strong.

  • stabbing scissors in the necks of newborn babies.

  • no more free market (Obama voted October 2007 that he rejects the free market vision)

  • increasing taxes on the people actually do business and create jobs. (and their taxes go to people who sit on their butts, too lazy to get a job)

  • endorse same-sex marriage.

  • a healthcare plan that is affordable to all (which would essentially bring the quality of our incredible healthcare system down to Europe's quality. No more incentives for doctors to work hard researching cures for our health needs).

  • surrendering the defense of our country (allowing terrorists full reign to do whatever they want)

  • an amazing increase in ammo taxes, and possibly banning all handguns. (allowing terrorists and Americans with bad intentions full reign to do whatever they want)

  • meeting with the Iranian president to "negotiate" even though he said he wants to wipe Israel off the map.

  • redistributing hard-earned wealth. We may as well all go on Welfare.

  • limiting soldier deployment to 12 months. (Nothing would get done overseas!)

  • increasing minimum wage (destroying our dollar bill).

  • (he voted NO on refunding Social for our grandparents)

Let's see what 143 days in the Senate can do for our country.

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