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October 18, 2008

something to think about

Take a look at this and this. If you have followed the campaign and presidential debates, you will find Obama mentions the "middle class" several times. He claims to stand for the "middle class", and hopes with his tax cut plans, he will "spread the wealth around."

As referenced in this article, Obama says,

"I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

But will his plan truly be good for everybody?

While the majority of the population is poor to middle class and therefore will feel the 'relief' of bigger tax cuts under Obama's plan, long term consequences could be detrimental.

I'll give you an example.

My husband works for a private agency. He is a youth counselor who works in the residential treatment program for troubled teens. So, I ask the question, who does this agency work for? Demographically, the poor class. And who supports the agency? Demographically, those who can afford to give money to this agency. I, as a part of the poor class, certainly cannot afford it.

Under Obama's tax plan, support for private agencies may suffer even further. These are agencies who strive to help the needs of the American people. As a hard-working wealthy person, I would be quite hesitant to give even more of my hard-earned income if the government already took a tremendous portion to "spread the wealth."

Sure, I can give Obama some credit with his concept. The rich make more, so they should be able to give more. But should the man who makes $2.3 million have to give an additional 23.6% (on top of the taxes they already give) of their income, $542,882, to help the common good? We work for these men and women. They create our jobs. They fund our private agencies. They already support the common good as it is. We need the rich to make their hard-earned money so they can continually decide to pay their employees (you and I!), not be forced to give their money to the government, which spends their money on who knows what.

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