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October 22, 2008

my husband (a quick character description)

His hair is lighter than black, but darker than dark brown. It has a frolicking sense about it; it doesn’t curl like the afro of a black man, but it’s not straight, either. He likes to keep his hair cut short to avoid the frustration of its unconventional behavior, yet when his hair is at least a couple inches long, I find that it reflects his good-natured personality.

Cody has brown skin, and I say brown to imply that as far as he is aware, he is not African-American. His skin color is like the back of a white-tailed deer, and his eyes a deep seal brown.

Cody’s appearance alludes somewhat to his personality: the fact that he is not white, but not black, not skinny, but healthy, not curly haired, but not straight. He is unique; personality quizzes do not turn out correct for him because his personality is so diverse. He is an extremely confident person, sticking up for his beliefs when put to the test, yet he has a very open mind. He is reasonable in that even his strongest belief is subject to change if he feels someone has proven him wrong.

I love the way he says "You know" every once in a while when he is engulfed in a detailed description, or the short pauses he takes when he is trying to simplify something complicated. I love how he is constantly aware of what is happening around him, as if his brain constantly multitasks. He can almost have two different conversations at once. He is a very giving person; he takes care of his possessions, but is eager to give them away to help anyone in need, no matter how much the item is worth. He would give his vehicle to someone if he felt that a person needed it more than he.

He is a serious person with a goofy nature.

The most frustrating of Cody’s attributes is ironically his most valuable. Unlike I, who like to avoid hurt feelings and conflict, Cody argues points in a brusque and timely manner; he tends to say exactly what a person needs to hear at exactly the right moment. He does not evade surprising another with strict words of confrontation, but he is skilled in making the confrontation polite, beneficial, and whole.

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