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September 08, 2008

dream diary

Recorded August 27, 2008

"My mom had twins named Evin and Ethan, between the birth of me and Brooke. They disappeared for some reason. I think they died when they were really young. Earlier in my life, my mom asked me if, when I grew up more, I could become Evin again because she loved him and missed him. There was a way I could change into a different person after they had died and live their life for them. I told her I would become Evin for her, and I was actually pretty excited about it. Then, several years later, I got married to Cody. My mom reminded me that she wanted me to turn into Evin and live his life. Yet, how could I leave my husband and start over? I remember telling her that we wanted to start our own family, let alone become a child and grow up with my children! She was really upset and continually recalled memories of Evin and made me feel bad. She couldn't believe I didn't want to follow through. Then, as I observed my friend Stephanie trying to transform into a person, something fell on top of her, and she fell into a pool of glass and died. That made me not want to do it anymore. I don't remember if I did it, but I think I did eventually. It was a very interesting dream."

Two days before my cousin, Evin, passed away. An ATV fell on top of him.

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