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February 05, 2008

used to be.

That really really really really really sucked.
Someone I really care about;
someone who used to be my best friend
does not support my upcoming marriage.
He told me he is very angry.
He gave me five reasons, and said he had more.

1. I am too young.

but I have known 27 year olds who are too young. And if there is a too young, how old is too old?

2. Kristopher left me.

I was keen to think that way when we were apart, but it was not true. He did the right thing.

3. Kristopher came running back to me after his almost-marriage did not work out.

If by "running back" he meant as a very careful friend for 6 months, sure. He has no idea.

4. I am still in college and should wait until after.

He had the GUTS to compare us to Bri and Evan! Two years of dating. Try 4 years.

5. It was hard for me to get over Cody, and he stood by my side to help me move on, but it was all for nothing.

Why was it so hard for me to get over Cody? Oh, right, because I thought I had lost the love of my life forever.

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